It is often said that the food you consume can either be the fastest and strongest medicine you take or it can be the slowest form of poison. Therefore paying close and personal attention to what is served on the platter is crucial to living a healthy and active life.

However, given the fast-paced lifestyle and always running-out-of-time routines leave a little room for acknowledging the fact that how slowly but steadily the health is being conveniently ignored. It is not the knowledge that people in general lack about the food they eat, but the effort and time they are not ready to put into making it wholesome and healthy.

The drudgery of meal prepEating Healthy at Home

After a long and tiring day at work, the last thing on your wishlist would be to “sweat in the kitchen”.  Apart from the days when you use cooking as therapy, spending most of your time in that part of the house is not what most fancy. But what everyone fancies is a nice healthy wholesome meal. It feels amazing to know that there will be some healthy meal at home waiting for you. Isn’t it?

Well, to fancy this, it is best to get down to the habit of meal prepping. Planning your meals in advance not only ensures that you end up eating healthy at all times but also makes you a more of an organized person.

How to Meal Prep?

1. Plan and Strategize

The first and foremost step is obviously to plan and chalk out what you want to eat throughout the week. Sit with a pen and paper and write down the menu for the entire week. In doing so ensure to incorporate all the healthy and vital nutrients rich food items to the meal plan.

Planning beforehand that one has a variety available throughout the week and does not have to eat the same food on the loop available in your kitchen on in the pantry. And this brings us to the next point.

2. Pantry Checking and Listing

Once the menu is decided, explore the pantry to check if you have all the ingredients to make the particular dish. The absence of any important ingredient will force you to break the meal plan routine.

Check and make a list of all the items you need. This exercise helps in maintaining the budget as well since you don’t end up buying things you won’t be needing or the items you already had in store.

What is even better is to plan the meals in accordance with the items and ingredients already in the pantry. Clear the available stock first and then jump to buying new ones.

3. Prepping

Once you have shopped for everything you will need for the weeks’ meal plan, the next thing to do is to sort and organize the grocery and other fruits and vegetables. Wash, dry, cut and store the vegetables in zip lock pouches or airtight containers. Make packets of the fruits or vegetable salads that will go as snacks or sides in the lunch box.

By pre-packing, you will only need to pick up the packet on the go in the morning and take it to work or school for lunch. If time permits, one can also make some soups and curries that can be used later when preparing the meal.

All this can be done over the weekend, and at the weeknights, and this way you won’t have many tasks to do in the kitchen. Having this routine as a part of lifestyle safeguards that one eats healthy and does not end up binging on unhealthy stuff due to lack of time and energy.

4. Ordering Healthy

Well, all this task of planning, meal prepping and cooking at overall may seem cumbersome and tedious to many. There are a bunch of these people who either due to lack of time do not enter the kitchen or simply because they despise to do so.

Ordering food is there favorite thing to do. If you are used to eating ordered food, put in some extra dollars and order healthy customized meals for yourself. This may be a little costly than usual, but lately, there are various food service businesses are offering this service.

Getting meals tailor-made to meet your requirements relieves one of the guilt of not consuming home cooked food.

Here is How You Can Order Healthy

 Healthy restaurants

While ordering, look up for the restaurants and food joints that can make a meal personalized to your taste bud. There are many eating joints offering meals that are gluten-free, vegan, keto friendly or made with ingredients that one is not allergic to. This customization helps in eating healthy and in balanced calories even when ordering.

Private chefs will help you prep your meals to a TPrivate Chefs

Private chefs are a rage these days. Some innumerable private chefs are ready to prepare meals exclusively as per the customer’s instructions. Hand them the list of dos and don’ts for your dish and they will come up with something exotic and ravishing. They feel it as their duty to make the food most appealing to the eye as well as for your gut.

Eating healthily is no more boring. If you are in NYC get yourself your first customized meal prepared by a personal chef as per convenience.’

Eating Healthy when Traveling

When on vacation one does not wish to come back home feeling fat and unhealthy. It does become difficult to find the healthiest things to eat while traveling. Hence when traveling, it is better to pack some snacks and food items that are healthy and will obviously last longer and stay fresh throughout the trip.

People with food allergies usually fall for the wrong dish and end up falling sick. And falling sick is the last thing you would want when travelling. Having some healthy snacks in the backpack prevents one from indulging in unhealthy local meals.

Staying healthy is not that tough if one starts to eat mindfully. A little planning and prepping go on a long way in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Because eating healthy should not be a short-term goal but a lifelong change to be incorporated.