Google made recent updates, and lots of websites are affected. Lots of us have thought that we know how SEO works but because of the changes, we’re not so sure anymore. Let’s get a closer look in understanding what Google Algorithm is, what are the changes, and why it matters.

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In general, algorithms are sets of rules that are meant to solve problems through a finite number of steps. But when it comes to how algorithms work in computers, it’s a way of performing a particular task. Now, let’s bring it with what Google Algorithm is and what it does. Just like the basics, Google’s algorithm is what provides you with the best results when you search for something. When you type and enter “adorable puppies” in the search bar, what comes in right after is not just random. The algorithm is what decides which result comes first, second, third, and so forth.


Simply put, Google Algorithm makes things easier for you. Google wants the best for their users, and surely, they would appreciate it if they don’t have to scroll all the way down just to find what they’re looking for. On a different perspective, it greatly affects individuals and businesses who have built their websites and blogs. If they’re trying to gain viewers and customers, familiarity with how SEO works and how algorithm plays a significant role in it. Break The Web thinks that the algorithm decides where your website is placed and how often will your targets view it.


search results are constantly update using the algorithmLots of us have noticed the most recent update, but Google has been doing changes way often than we know. Some of these updates are unconfirmed, but the first one came along 17 years ago when they launched the Google toolbar. Then the first update that was officially named was Boston update, followed by Cassandra, Dominic, Esmeralda, Fritz, and Florida; all of which were launched in 2003. It was initially planned to be a monthly update but at times, throughout the years, it can either be too often or less than the usual.

For those who are not exactly in-depth with details or information, it’s entirely possible to be left behind. If you’re not exactly particular with the number of views that you can gain or not that concerned with how you place in the search results, then I guess getting updated with every change that Google launches is something that you can skip on. Usually, however, websites are built not just for hobbies but also for business matters. Going digital regarding marketing strategy is becoming popular for a good reason. The internet is something that doesn’t come as a luxury but as a need in today’s age. It is readily available for anyone and everyone which helps businesses to open doors and windows of opportunities.

With all these things in consideration, each of Google’s Algorithm matters a lot. If ever you doubted that, this is the time to think about it solidly. It’s true that some businesses may not exist to be entirely virtual but getting your ranks up may just give your company the boost that you have been looking for. If you find it hard to give much focus and priority into SEO, you don’t have to. It takes understanding and doing that may take some time. You don’t have to push yourself too much to try and learn it because in time, and with the right training or lessons, it won’t be hard to figure out anymore. When that happens, you will uncover lots of possibilities for your business’ optimization.